Equinox Repair

March 3rd, 2013 by tungsai

So the exhaust on our equinox started sounding like a redneck 4×4. I took it to Car-x and discovered that there was a broken line for something called the “egr valve”. apparently this thing returns some unspent exhaust back into the engine and re-burns it or something.

googling it, I found a forum post that said that during mid-production, they changed the type of egr valve being used, with a different shape, thus, you pretty much need some sort of conversion kit, or, buy a new valve with it. ..WHich is ok, since the bolts that were holding the tube onto the valve were so old and rusty that one of them snapped off during removal. these bolts had something called “pseudo-studs”, fake screws coming out the top. Many things about this repair were horribly annoying and head-scratching.

old and new valves, side-by-side. note that they are shaped completely different.


old and new hoses, note that the older one is longer. it’s missing the double connection thing because, well, that’s what was originally broken. The connector was…


…Stuck down on the exhaust manifold… maybe you can see it there,black thing off to the left… it looks black because i’d been blasting it with wd-40. that, and the pb blaster, turned out to be a waste of money and time. the only way to wrench those bolts out of the exhaust manifold were…


…to use THREE extenders, and an adapter, on my ratchet. Unfortunately, using 10mm halfway stripped one of the bolts, so I had to hammer a 3/8 socket onto them and…


Use a 4-ft long pole that slid over the handle of the ratchet.


new egr valve installed! and burning pb blaster off the exhaust manifold obscuring the glory.


Kitchen Drawer

July 16th, 2012 by tungsai

Got tired of this….


..So I built this.


Deck Project

July 16th, 2012 by tungsai

Old railing is rickety and rotten.


an entire section is weird …



Probably for a hot tub that was never installed.


So I bought this lumber….


Began making Mortise & Tenon joints Using a Mortiseing tool



The big bit wouldn’t work; had to use a smaller one



and use a hammer & Chisel to make the Tenon part..





Thompson’s water seal on these puppies. they took me hours to make



Tore off all the old railing, installed a post in the corner & put the first 2 joists



Keep the old angled pieces or no..?



Here’s where it is







Added another joist…



..And got all of them installed finally




oops the floorboards are too short, I’ll need a filler piece perpendicular to the rest



got all the ends cut evenly



not done yet but done for the day

Java dice rolling app

January 24th, 2012 by tungsai

another fun night of Java… I managed to finally make the server parse client input, looking for a "d" that has int’s in front of, and behind, it. so you can chat regularly, then type "1d20" and it’ll roll, then send the result.

This thing i scraped off the internet, out of the box, is pretty much a piece of shit, unless you want to see how client/server connections get basically made. The gui is super-lame, and the server throws exceptions in an endless loop if any client disconnects without typing "quit". also, you have to click "send" rather than hit enter in the chat window.

But i actually care less about all that, than I do learning how to program java. i want to make it just have graphics of dice, and when you click & drag them into the "box", they will go "Ka-lunk ka-lunk" and show the numbers. I’ve got ideas in mind for the droid app.




Besthoroscopesonline, DottedLineMedia (1-800-331-0500) is a SCAM!!

August 13th, 2011 by tungsai


Check your Cell Phone Bill for frivolous charges with this listed as a service. Here’s the full story:

My wife received a text message on her phone. It was written in typical text fashion; broken, abbreviated words; random strings of codes. But one part stood out; at the end, it said “Txt STOP 2 un subscribe” or something like that. Thinking that she was doing the right thing, she replied “STOP”. My guess is that this is a thinly veiled way to scam people. My guess is that had she ignored the text, it would have been fine. But she replied.

The result? On this month’s phone bill, WAY at the bottom, in the “Full Bill” view, you know- the pseudo-paper one that most people may not look at, was the following charge:

  Besthoroscopesonline DottedLineMedia
For assistance contact: 1-800-331-0500

There is a web site called whocallsme.com, where you can check phone numbers, and see who it belongs to, and people leave messages about who it was that called them. Clearly, this is a big scam, and probably many different items appear instead of “Besthoroscopesonline”. However, they all seem to come from this phone number, 1-800-331-0500.

Wife asks, “Why don’t the cops get them?” Indeed. Overseas, probably? hard to track down who really runs such an organization.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

June 14th, 2011 by tungsai

As you may or may not know, I’m building a replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the original Wonders of the Ancient world, in the game Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where you walk around this blocky world, building stuff out of blocks. This has taken a total of probably 30-40 hours so far, and the exterior is mostly done.

The main walls are sandstone. The blue stripes are made of blue wool, which is made by first digging deep mines to find Lapis Lazuli. THen, you hit a sheep with the dye, and he turns blue. then you hit the sheep and he will drop 0-3 blue wool blocks.

It’s important to note that it would have been possible for me to CHEAT and give myself all the sandstone in stacks of 64 to do this. However, I did NOT cheat. Every block was gained through honest mining. …Well, there is ONE caveat: The Glowstone used was harvested WAY before any type of multiverse mod existed. I had to hack together a special “Nether Night”, changing some config files, backing up the server, making everybody stand near me, then shutting down the server and restarting with the new config. We spent a couple days there, then I switched everything back.

About halfway through the construction project, they released an update to the game that allowed deserts to spawn with naturally occurring sandstone. I’m glad they did this. I was getting very tired of digging regular sand, and I figured out that I would need over 250,000 blocks of regular sand to complete the lighthouse! I seriously considered abandoning the project at that point, then they added the sandstone, thank God! Then, as a special bonus, they also added multiple Lapis Lazuli pieces to drop out when you mined a Lapis Lazuli block! That helped greatly as well. However… one thing DID slow me down again; they nerfed the way that digging happened so that a tiny bit of lag occurs right as you’re starting to dig. I had just begun my Speed-Digging technique, which was rendered useless after the multiplayer version no longer worked right with it.

Another help was ScienceNinja, who came and helped me dig out TONS of sand and sandstone. Thanks, SN!!!

This project took several months. I started in November 2010, and ended around April 2011. It’s still not 100% done, either: I need to fine-tune the glass on the floor of the courtyard; the basement floor needs done and then I wanted to add signs everywhere that describe historical facts about the original lighthouse. I’ll probably add all that in later. Maybe some fountains, stuff like that… Anyway, here’s the non-slideshow slideshow.

Phase 1. Construction


Getting There…


Façade done, courtyard still water


Sides done, courtyard still water


courtyard glass area


A much more finished project


Here is some of the strip mining areas that gave the sand for it (the pond area above the strip area is part of the “re-naturalization” of the area):


Refrigerator Mother

June 13th, 2011 by tungsai

My Band:

Refrigerator Mother.

Doctor Eon

March 1st, 2011 by tungsai

Download Link: Doctor Eon (mp3).

If you click this link, and it opens in your browser, or in some other program, but you want to save the file to your computer you have to RIGHT-CLICK it, and select “Save Link” or something like that.

Copyright Wayne Byarlay


Hitler found UFO’s down in the hollow earth
This advanced technology tickled him with mirth
Dr. Eon found out about Hitler’s evil plan
Now he’s going down to Antarctica to stop the evil man

Dr. Eon, master of time & space
Dr. Eon, he’s gonna save the human race

The Doctor is a scientist, with psychic powers, too
He knows how to operate a firearm, and the ancient art of Kung Fu
His sidekick Jimmy is always there to help the Doc with his plan
But Jimmy’s not a little boy, he’s a little tiny man

Dr. Eon, master of time & space
Dr. Eon, he’s gonna save the human race

Hitler and his evil clan began to destroy the world
They drove around in their UFO’s, and death from them unfurled
Little Jimmy said, “Gee, Doc E., what the hell we gonna do?”
He said, “Well, Jimmy, I’ve got a plan- we’ll defeat them with this bottle of glue!”
(MacGyver Style.)

Dr. Eon, master of time & space
Dr. Eon, he’s gonna save the human race

Aliens came down from Mars and they were really hot
They said, “Hey, doctor, if ya help us out, we’ll give ya anything we got.”
He said, “Well, ladies, I don’t need much, especially around the crotch
But if you can do Jimmy, I’d really like to watch!”

Dr. Eon, practices celibacy
Dr. Eon, but he can do it vicariously

And the aliens were freaked out, they got their UFO’s back by themselves, and they left Dr. Eon standing there, with Jimmy in his hand


I wrote this song while living at 119 West Fowler street in West Lafayette, IN, while attending Purdue as an undergrad. The house we lived in at the time no longer exists; however, I did make a Doom video game map based on the house. The room I was staying in required me to walk through one of my other roommates’ rooms to get to the kitchen & bathroom. Aah, college living. Anyway; the song is sort of based on the campy superhero comics of the late 40’s and early 50’s. I believe Dr. Eon was actually an example character in some role-playing game system; perhaps Steve Jackson’s G.U.R.P.S. game system or something like that. I also heard my first episode of Art Bell during that era, and the people were discussing the hollow earth; some crackpots actually believed that the earth was hollow. AND that Hitler knew this. AND that the only way IN to the hollow earth was through some caves, located in Antartica. AND!!!, that Aliens were housing their spaceships there.

It just kinda wrote itself after that. There were probably chemicals involved.

Anyway… enjoy!


February 18th, 2011 by tungsai


Pseudopolis, land of wonder

January 31st, 2011 by tungsai

The Craftizens of Pseudopolis have been quite busy.

Macleod’s working on the pyramid:


I’ve been working on my model of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. First pic is from a couple weeks ago… second was taken minutes ago. It’s still not even probably half done; but the north face has been built up the most, for purposes of show and also working out exact details.



and finally, on a side note, this painting showed up:


Do you recognize that guy? Open-mouthed smile MisterBill would!