Minecraft Update

January 19th, 2011 by tungsai

going to build this



like this:



and Macleod’s building a Mayan pyramid:



Minecraft Update

January 11th, 2011 by tungsai

I decided to call our world “Pseudopolis”. I finished the skyscraper a long time ago, then I began to implement server mods. First I installed “hmod”, then add-ons for hmod to enhance game play.

We started getting more people on, too. 0CrazyMan has built tons of 0Crazy stuff!

Check out the maps: http://www.tungsai.com/minecraft/map/map.html is a VERY old render with nothing but the skyscraper and the first monster trap.

http://www.tungsai.com/minecraft/map/map.png is more accurate but not as cool…

http://www.tungsai.com/minecraft/map/map2.png nighttime/dusk render.


Here’s some screenshots from around the world, and stuff that we’ve built.


The Railway Station


This is what it looks like when the server is not done loading level images:



A cool waterfall / cliff I found


from another angle


0CrazyMan’s first fort


The railway depot for the fort


THe fort as you’re leaving


Heading into the depot in the city… lots of empty carts, oops!


Load ‘em all up…


The railway station is unfinished…


Here’s the starting point.


OK Here’s Crazy’s main castle & base, with a crazy tall tree that Enyalios is working on…



Another part of Crazy’s castle


…And another


OK That weird beehive thing is Monster Trap 2.0. It works better than monster trap 1.0, but still not that great.


THe Public Greenhouse… it has some name but I forget the name of it.


Macleod’s Keep


..It looks very Frank Lloyd Wright from this angle. Open-mouthed smile


A Rose Garden


The City Clock


Bubba’s “Ye Olde Shoppe”.


Enyalios’ Napping corner. Though, it’s not really in the corner: It’s in the middle of the yard. So I hope you like napping in cow slobber.


The Skyscraper, at night.


CrazyMan’s shop in the yard


THe basement under the skyscraper. It’s unfinished; I plan to make it look like a hotel eventually.


More Glitch….



Crazyman’s castle at night. Impressive!


Server Updated

December 22nd, 2010 by tungsai

the server has been updated to the latest version as of today.

Here are some pics of Macleod and I farming some obsidian.




Minecraft–Skyscraper Open to the Public!

December 18th, 2010 by tungsai

Well, I guess my big building is done enough to say it’s “Done”, though there is still a LOT I wanna do with it. Here’s some screenshots.

From the Observation Tower


Looking up from the center…


The View from the Tower





Minecraft Report–Skycraper

December 18th, 2010 by tungsai

So the skyscraper isn’t done yet but here’s what I got done last night. (Click to Enlarge)


I’ve decided to use redstone torches on the upper tapering part (I really need to learn more architecture terms)! I’d also like to add:

– floors that people can mod to their heart’s content (Might be a good idea for an even bigger building nearby too!)
– Boativator?
– Nice stairwell
– Waterfall + pretty fish pond in Lobby
– Blinking redstone lights to give it that modern aircraft warning light
– Obsidian somewhere artsy

Last night a creeper appeared in the lobby… imagine my horror! I led him around a lot till he fell down to the old building, then he got stuck in the doorway. I tried to then kill him by hand… Bad Idea. he exploded, taking out a large portion of the historic old building area. I rebuilt it best as I could, to the original setup, but I guess every historic piece of architecture has some tragic period where war or vandals destroyed some part of it, eh?

The map is not updated; it takes fore-EVER to upload the new map files (over 8,800 png files!), so I haven’t done it again yet. I will do it when the skyscraper’s complete.

I need a NAME for this thing!


December 17th, 2010 by tungsai

Where do I start?

At the beginning, I suppose. So, I had heard about this game from a couple of co-workers, one of which has a foot in the gaming industry (Computer games, that is). Also, curiously, from a friend of mine’s thirteen-year old son. Minecraft. Apparently, it was so enthralling that I was recommended to check it out immediately. “Like legos”, I was told. Well, as a kid, I LOVED Legos, and I still have my lego collection, modest as it is… but, upon seeing the game for the first time, I was rather put off. At first glance, it looks cheesy. All of the graphics are intentionally made to resemble old original Nintendo graphics. Still, I was intrigued enough to try it out.

I think it’s safe to refer to my significant other as a “Minecraft Widow” at this point.

I’m not going to waste my breath describing the details of the game to you, but I will say that it’s so ground-breaking, so different from any other game previously, that it has indeed created an new *Genre* of games. “World-building”, perhaps?

Since I’ve heard about it, I’ve purchased it for three people as gifts, and I’d say a good ten people at work actively play it. I know of one other guy who runs a server, and I also run a server. It’s in Alpha production, (Goes Beta on Dec. 20), and already has over 3 million registered users.

Here is the google maps of our world.

Here’s a couple shots of my skyscraper being built:



How to import an Excel Spreadsheet into a Sharepoint 2010 List

September 17th, 2010 by tungsai

Older how-to’s were inadequate. Microsoft made me watch a 25 minute video. I have boiled it down to these basic steps.

  1. First, examine the spreadsheet itself. Ensure the following:
    – The first row consists of headers (labels) for each column.
    -No blank rows or columns exist.
    -Ensure that each column of data is the same format (Number, Date, Text, currency, etc.)
    -Then format the range of cells you want to import as a table.
  2. Ensure that you have privileges to create lists.
  3. Click on Site Actions > More Options. Under “Filter By” on the left menu, click “List”. Scroll down & find “Import Spreadsheet” icon in the big middle menu pane, then click Create.
  4. Type a Name, and Description.
  5. Click “Browse…”, browse to the file, select it, then click “Import”.
  6. Excel opens, you may see it blinking in the task bar. select it, and you see the “Import to Windows SharePoint Services List”.
  7. for “Range Type”, leave as “Table Range”.
  8. In the drop-down for “Select Range”, and you should see the “sheet 1 table 1” that you created before. Click Import.

To see the entire video, http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint-server-help/sharepoint-lists-iii-create-a-list-based-on-a-spreadsheet-RZ101874356.aspx?section=4


February 19th, 2010 by tungsai

eating my last breakfast for this tip. 3 weeks go by in a flash! didn’t get very good sleep last night as usual before a big flight. packing till 1am, mia waking crying as usual. stressed about not being able to pack everything as usual. but i’ve got my fried instant-heart-attack yummy fried elephant ear/egg type thingy and a cup of coffee so i’m happy for the moment.

hongie’s sister & mom just got here and we’re re-packing some crap in boxes that we forgot to pack before. throwing up random pics.

Thursday Adventures

February 11th, 2010 by tungsai

We got up and tried on a traditional hat.

Mommy and Daddy hopped on the bus with Bao Qi to go to the bookstore across town. We saw a girl sporting the latest fashion: Glasses *without* lenses. Next: Coats that don’t keep you warm, watches that don’t have a face, and Beer that doesn’t get you drunk. Oh, wait…. they already have that.

At the book store, mommy put her bag into a locker outside the store. This is pretty usual for “fancy” stores. This one dispensed a bar code receipt, and you showed your receipt to the scanner to re-open the locker.

Upon returning from the book store, the bus was extremely crowded. People were jamming into the exit-back door, and still jamming in more. The bus driver kept getting up to yell at people to move back. We were already in the back, as far back as we could possibly go. A certain Weird Al Yankovic song comes to mind….

That didn’t stop somebody from being all tuckered out:

On the way back home from the bus stop, we discovered a Popcorn vendor! This stuff was expensive: $0.80 for the whole bag!

MMmmmmmmm…. Chocolate!

In conclusion… the iphone served well as a point-and-shoot for the day. I think I’ll start carrying it around some more.

February 10th, 2010 by tungsai

Mia's New Friend

We went to visit Hongmei’s friend Zheng Qi, and her son Wang Chuan Yi. We had fun playing! For dinner we had Mongolian Lamb Meatballs, so yummy!! Mushrooms, Chinese-style tofu tortilla with pork & eggplant; little stir-fried fish, and corn with sweet syrup.