Java dice rolling app

another fun night of Java… I managed to finally make the server parse client input, looking for a "d" that has int’s in front of, and behind, it. so you can chat regularly, then type "1d20" and it’ll roll, then send the result.

This thing i scraped off the internet, out of the box, is pretty much a piece of shit, unless you want to see how client/server connections get basically made. The gui is super-lame, and the server throws exceptions in an endless loop if any client disconnects without typing "quit". also, you have to click "send" rather than hit enter in the chat window.

But i actually care less about all that, than I do learning how to program java. i want to make it just have graphics of dice, and when you click & drag them into the "box", they will go "Ka-lunk ka-lunk" and show the numbers. I’ve got ideas in mind for the droid app.




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