Doctor Eon

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Copyright Wayne Byarlay


Hitler found UFO’s down in the hollow earth
This advanced technology tickled him with mirth
Dr. Eon found out about Hitler’s evil plan
Now he’s going down to Antarctica to stop the evil man

Dr. Eon, master of time & space
Dr. Eon, he’s gonna save the human race

The Doctor is a scientist, with psychic powers, too
He knows how to operate a firearm, and the ancient art of Kung Fu
His sidekick Jimmy is always there to help the Doc with his plan
But Jimmy’s not a little boy, he’s a little tiny man

Dr. Eon, master of time & space
Dr. Eon, he’s gonna save the human race

Hitler and his evil clan began to destroy the world
They drove around in their UFO’s, and death from them unfurled
Little Jimmy said, “Gee, Doc E., what the hell we gonna do?”
He said, “Well, Jimmy, I’ve got a plan- we’ll defeat them with this bottle of glue!”
(MacGyver Style.)

Dr. Eon, master of time & space
Dr. Eon, he’s gonna save the human race

Aliens came down from Mars and they were really hot
They said, “Hey, doctor, if ya help us out, we’ll give ya anything we got.”
He said, “Well, ladies, I don’t need much, especially around the crotch
But if you can do Jimmy, I’d really like to watch!”

Dr. Eon, practices celibacy
Dr. Eon, but he can do it vicariously

And the aliens were freaked out, they got their UFO’s back by themselves, and they left Dr. Eon standing there, with Jimmy in his hand


I wrote this song while living at 119 West Fowler street in West Lafayette, IN, while attending Purdue as an undergrad. The house we lived in at the time no longer exists; however, I did make a Doom video game map based on the house. The room I was staying in required me to walk through one of my other roommates’ rooms to get to the kitchen & bathroom. Aah, college living. Anyway; the song is sort of based on the campy superhero comics of the late 40’s and early 50’s. I believe Dr. Eon was actually an example character in some role-playing game system; perhaps Steve Jackson’s G.U.R.P.S. game system or something like that. I also heard my first episode of Art Bell during that era, and the people were discussing the hollow earth; some crackpots actually believed that the earth was hollow. AND that Hitler knew this. AND that the only way IN to the hollow earth was through some caves, located in Antartica. AND!!!, that Aliens were housing their spaceships there.

It just kinda wrote itself after that. There were probably chemicals involved.

Anyway… enjoy!

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