Minecraft Report–Skycraper

So the skyscraper isn’t done yet but here’s what I got done last night. (Click to Enlarge)


I’ve decided to use redstone torches on the upper tapering part (I really need to learn more architecture terms)! I’d also like to add:

– floors that people can mod to their heart’s content (Might be a good idea for an even bigger building nearby too!)
– Boativator?
– Nice stairwell
– Waterfall + pretty fish pond in Lobby
– Blinking redstone lights to give it that modern aircraft warning light
– Obsidian somewhere artsy

Last night a creeper appeared in the lobby… imagine my horror! I led him around a lot till he fell down to the old building, then he got stuck in the doorway. I tried to then kill him by hand… Bad Idea. he exploded, taking out a large portion of the historic old building area. I rebuilt it best as I could, to the original setup, but I guess every historic piece of architecture has some tragic period where war or vandals destroyed some part of it, eh?

The map is not updated; it takes fore-EVER to upload the new map files (over 8,800 png files!), so I haven’t done it again yet. I will do it when the skyscraper’s complete.

I need a NAME for this thing!

By tungsai

Super Magic Dragon Ninja

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