Thursday Adventures

We got up and tried on a traditional hat. Mommy and Daddy hopped on the bus with Bao Qi to go to the bookstore across town. We saw a girl sporting the latest fashion: Glasses *without* lenses. Next: Coats that don’t keep you warm, watches that don’t have a face, and Beer that doesn’t get… Continue reading Thursday Adventures

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We went to visit Hongmei’s friend Zheng Qi, and her son Wang Chuan Yi. We had fun playing! For dinner we had Mongolian Lamb Meatballs, so yummy!! Mushrooms, Chinese-style tofu tortilla with pork & eggplant; little stir-fried fish, and corn with sweet syrup.


Videos have been published to an FTP site. If you are interested, E-mail me.

Day 6

Day 6. It’s been impossible to keep up with the blog. Pretty much the past few days have been jam-packed with activity, and little time to sit down to devote to writing. Right now, though, Mia’s getting ready to take a nap, so there’s nothing to do except hang around the apartment. Going back and… Continue reading Day 6

Ready or Not, Here we Go!

Well, not quite yet. Here’s the plan: In case you didn’t know, we’re going to China for three weeks. This will be my third trip. The first was one week. The second was two weeks, and yes, you guessed it, this trip will be three weeks long. We’re leaving the apartment today, and driving up… Continue reading Ready or Not, Here we Go!

Weird Dream

In my dream, it starts out at a party. It consists of some old friends; Chris, Kale and Rich and they are playing with a band. But it’s break time and we’re all drinking beer. It’s a big house with a basement; I hang out with some people in the basement for a while, but… Continue reading Weird Dream

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