Family Pics from China

It seems I forgot to add a few pics to the online photo album! Hongmei realized this and I got them up this morning. They are some good pics of her cousin… She’s a hottie, check her out!This weekend, I got the chance to see my OLD FRIEND ERIC! He was in town for his… Continue reading Family Pics from China

Sugar Creek Canoe Trip

This weekend, Hongmei, my friend Carl Kramer, and I, went on a canoe trip on Sugar Creek. This is the creek which winds through both Shades State Park and Turkey Run State Park. Carl and I had long been discussing the Pawpaw fruit, and subsequently decided to dedicate at least one, if not more, pawpaw-hunting… Continue reading Sugar Creek Canoe Trip

Tailgate party this Saturday!!

Hey, When: Sat., Sept. 16, 9am – kickoff at 1pm (or stay and drink during the game too) Where: Picket Park, 100 W. Stadium Drive, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Who: You and whatever fun friends that you want to invite. What to bring: BYOB and a snack to share. Cheryl is bringing her cornhole… Continue reading Tailgate party this Saturday!!

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The reason we cancelled

[14:28] schmeckendeugler: why did we cancel that real estate class again? [14:28] Jody: postponed [14:28] Jody: b/c there is one offered in Laf [14:28] Jody: but it’s on Sat morning [14:29] Jody: and we didn’t want to do that during the summer

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

yeah so i been reading that book. and some other books about accumulating wealth such as, “Personal Finance for Dummies”, “six steps to financial freedom” and crap like that. it’s all very motivational, but the fact of the matter is that I need to actually WORK at stuff to try and make more $$. it… Continue reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Just another day

eating a Bali Wrap from the Union. worked out at the gym with Jody. burned 350 calories, supposedly, according to the machine. in 30 minutes *exactly*. and I mean, ON THE NOSE. that machine is bunk though; i averaged over 12 cals per min, for approx. 80% of the time, dipping never below 11, and… Continue reading Just another day

High Anxiety

Quoted from RKT: “What if you are anxious about going to the anxiety clinic? What do you do THEN? HUH?!

Use of the word “Leverage”

OK I just gotta spout off about how I hate the use of the word “Leverage” by businesspeople to describe how one thing “Leverages” another. There is better word in the English language which does NOT make you sound like a buzzword-spouting salesman: “Use”. Yes, “Leverage” means “Use”. pure and simple. When a businessperson uses… Continue reading Use of the word “Leverage”