November 21st, 2007 by tungsai

So I decided to try a different operating system besides Windows on my laptop. I told my friend Brent that in 2-3 years, Linux will be a good operating system that can compete with Windows. He doesn’t think so; they’ve been saying that for years. Well, what the heck; I decided to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and try it out.

Ubuntu is the one I decided to go with, just because it gets a lot of hype. The other one I might have chosen is probably Fedora.

Final result: It doesn’t do everything right. First, it would not work with my wireless Bluetooth mouse. I will say that it came very close! it could SEE the bluetooth mouse on the system; but actually getting it to sync with the laptop failed.

Second problem I ran into: getting this built-in “Evolution” e-mail program to work with my @purdue e-mail address. It simply crashed every time I started trying to run the setup wizard.

But perhaps the most involved problem I’ve tried to solve has been to try and listen to the Dave Ramsey show Archives from his web site. In order to do this, you must install many “Packages” as they call them, which are extra sets of programs, to make stuff work. Here is the typical way you fix problems in Linux: 1. Try to do something. 2. If it fails, look for any error messages. 3. Google the error message, find an article or news posting from somebody else that already had the problem. See if anybody offers a solution. If so, try it. If it fails, go back to the google search and look for more information. If nothing pops up in a quick google search, then you may have to post a message to some forum. this sucks because then you have to wait for somebody to reply, IF they ever do. If not, then you can try a more non-google-based method of searching. If there was no apparent error message, you can look for log files. Sometimes when a program breaks, an error message is written to some log file somewhere. Finding it in Linux requires probably again a google search.

There is no central point of documentation for linux stuff. It conglomerates in certain areas, like the Ubuntu forums, but sometimes you will find solutions elsewhere too.

SO ANYWAY, to make Dave Ramsey work I had to first jiggle with the Firefox browser settings; then I had to install mplayer, xine, gxine, and some packages that allow windows format streaming audio to be decoded by the linux computer.

End result: I can hear the show, but I cannot fast-forward through commercials like I can in Windows Media Player. They do have a RealPlayer option, but I absolutely refuse to install RealPlayer on my Linux computer. I hate RealPlayer because they are ad-laden, cater to the corporate pop culture, and their software is invasive. By invasive, I mean, it always wants to run in the background and have retarted pop-up messages about pop music, and other shit they are trying to sell me.

Dave Ramsey is (a financial) Genius!

November 12th, 2007 by tungsai

itunes_logo_300x300 Are you in debt? Do you want to improve your financial situation? Do I sound like a commercial? Sorry. But everyone should listen to this guy. He is Christian, but he doesn’t preach at anybody. His focus is on finance, not religion.


3 things to always remember about investing:

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

“Never put money into something until you understand how it works.”

“Never put all your money into one thing of any kind.” Diversify! That’s why the Enron employees lost all their money. (And their bosses were crooks).

Sir Real Rides Again!

October 31st, 2007 by tungsai



What’s been going on

August 24th, 2007 by tungsai

I been playing drums with distemper.

Wife defended her thesis.

We received an e-mail from immigration that her green card should be arriving soon.

I used my frequent flyer miles to get a steam-vac carpet cleaner, rather than fly somewhere for a vacation. oh, and a pair of sunglasses.

we bought these tiny little 2 gig mini-sd cards for our cell phones.

My DRL stock has plummeted to about 50% what it was worth when I bought it.

my friend Max defended his thesis as well. He works for Cisco out in Fremont, CA.

There is a chance we will have to move to Urbana/Champagne, IL. (Chambana)

We started our Purdue Bowling League again. Our bowling team is now known as “The W.M.D.’s”, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I have a bag of trail mix on my desk bought at Aldi’s. It contains far too many sunflower seeds.

I have been summoned for Jury Duty on Wednesday, Sept. 5th.

I had a great time in Indy last weekend, hanging out with my friends Bart, Carl, and Bart’s girlfriend Deborah. We went to the Indiana State fair, and saw many agricultural wonders. I also lost my wife’s water bottle.

I got a new free water bottle upstairs yesterday to replace the one I lost at the state fair.

My receipt at Pappy’s Diner had my order number 888, which apparently is an extremely lucky number in China.

My next door neighbor has sold his house and will be moving away. he got a lot more $$ than I ever thought he would, which is actually good because it means that I could sell mine for more than what I thought I could, perhaps.

We dog-sat a dog for 24 hours. Nothing of consequence occurred.

Purdue suffered a power outage on Monday, the first day of the fall semester. many computer glitches resulted. We were only marginally affected.

Today at 2pm the Purdue Union is having a big food give-away.

There’s gonna be this guy giving a speech, then a book-signing, who was one of those african kids that get forced into being a soldier. I wanna go see that.

Rush is playing at the “Verizon music center”, i.e., Deer Creek, but in spite of the fact that my friend lives right by it, I probably can’t afford to go so I’m not going.

I tried to sell some chinese water color posters on e-bay but nobody liked it. I am disappointed. I had to pay e-bay for the listing and nobody bid on it.

I have decided to sell my Les Paul Studio Edition Gibson Electric Guitar. I have always in my heart of hearts liked Fenders better anyway.

Sometimes I still dream of forming a band.

I did a wee bit of writing on one of my various sci-fi story ideas.

Youtube added a “Thumbs up / thumbs down” rating system on their comments… thank god. it will help my ability to not get angry at n00bs.

I am left-handed, colorblind, and double-jointed.

I just found out today that chocolate milk and Pizza do *not* mix.

Lava Lamp part IV

September 14th, 2006 by tungsai

I have a lava lamp.

The reason we cancelled

September 14th, 2006 by tungsai

[14:28] schmeckendeugler: why did we cancel that real estate class again?
[14:28] Jody: postponed
[14:28] Jody: b/c there is one offered in Laf
[14:28] Jody: but it’s on Sat morning
[14:29] Jody: and we didn’t want to do that during the summer