So I decided to try a different operating system besides Windows on my laptop. I told my friend Brent that in 2-3 years, Linux will be a good operating system that can compete with Windows. He doesn’t think so; they’ve been saying that for years. Well, what the heck; I decided to put my money… Continue reading Ubuntu

What’s been going on

I been playing drums with distemper. Wife defended her thesis. We received an e-mail from immigration that her green card should be arriving soon. I used my frequent flyer miles to get a steam-vac carpet cleaner, rather than fly somewhere for a vacation. oh, and a pair of sunglasses. we bought these tiny little 2… Continue reading What’s been going on

The reason we cancelled

[14:28] schmeckendeugler: why did we cancel that real estate class again? [14:28] Jody: postponed [14:28] Jody: b/c there is one offered in Laf [14:28] Jody: but it’s on Sat morning [14:29] Jody: and we didn’t want to do that during the summer