Use of the word “Leverage”

OK I just gotta spout off about how I hate the use of the word “Leverage” by businesspeople to describe how one thing “Leverages” another. There is better word in the English language which does NOT make you sound like a buzzword-spouting salesman:


Yes, “Leverage” means “Use”. pure and simple. When a businessperson uses the word “Leverage”, they are trying to sound Smart and Modern. I find this habit to be highly annoying. You will never, ever catch me using the word “Leverage” in that capacity.

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2 Responses to “Use of the word “Leverage””

  1. tungsai Says:

    I am open to debate on this matter.

  2. Derezz Says:

    I also believe that “disrespect” is not a verb. I made a pact about 2 weeks ago that I would not use “touch base”. I hate that phrase yet felt strangely compelled to use it.

    I believe that Scott Adams was the best at blowing open this whole sham known as business speak.

    I have never used “leverage” but I will make sure I don’t. It sounds all pompous.

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