Tummy Time for Mia!

April 6th, 2008 by tungsai

Mia’s first discovery

April 2nd, 2008 by tungsai

Trying out the new WordPress Gallery.

Baby Firsts

March 31st, 2008 by tungsai

Each day a new milestone occurs.

Yesterday we played "Stand up", where she stood on Daddy’s tummy and I’d help her stand up whenever she pushed off with her legs. she seemed to enjoy this game, so I’ll play it more with her so she can exercise those little legs more! Of course she can’t even roll herself over yet.

But another first, was that I saw her actually sleeping on her side for the first time. It was right after breast feeding, a temporary thing.

Baby News & Other unimportant news… 3 weeks old!

February 25th, 2008 by tungsai

Mia’s 3 weeks old today, and is up to 8 lb. 2 oz! That means she’s gaining weight at a healthy pace using only breast milk! Yaay!

about 60 new pics added to the PHOTO ALBUM including the CUTEST ONES YET! If you like babies, you’re gonna LOVE these!! CLICK HERE for the Baby Photo Gallery!

For some reason, voting was working for a while- the highest voted pics were supposed to show up first in the list. But something broke when the seventh person voted… now, the #1 pic shows up way near the MIDDLE! GRR… I grow more dissatisfied with this gallery system all the time. I oughta just start using Google. Anyway I’m going to fix the gallery so that MY favorite pics show up first… but keep voting anyway! it’s just a click.

Finally went back into work today. It was nice to get back into the office. I’d only had about 4 hrs sleep, but hey! I’m used to being sleep deprived at this point so it was no big deal. =)

I’ve been reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel“, and I give it * * * * * Five stars!! Even though I’m not done with it yet, I must honestly say it’s a GREAT read, if you’re into the Fantasy / Magic thing. Like Harry Potter but perhaps for a more mature audience.  It’s written in the Olde Englishe style; somewhat Dickens-ish).

I bowled tonight and nearly beat my high game of 167 but not quite… Tonight my high game was 161 with an average around 135.

Baby News – Day 20 (One Mystery solved)

February 20th, 2008 by tungsai

So, we took Mia to the Pediatrician Monday. They weighed her, and as it turns out, she is not gaining weight fast enough to satisfy the doctors. This coincides with how fussy she was at night, because it seems that her feedings at night were not adequate. So, we started to pump extra milk during the day, to feed her from the bottle at night. This has drastically improved her sleeping & rest through the night! In our case, the night-time fussiness was just because she was hungry, no big mystery!

If she does not gain enough weight again by next Monday, then we will begin to suppliment her diet with formula.

I have gotten much better at swaddling.

I have noticed that she prefers to fall asleep in somebody’s arms. If she’s not dead asleep, you can’t put her straight into the bassinet.

I “Installed” speakers into the bassinet, to try and play a recording I made of the shower. It does seem to help calm her some. NO I don’t blast the damn speakers, I use the VOLUME knob!

Yesterday I managed to get out of the house for about 3 hours, out shopping & stuff. I also got a haircut and had a big, fat double whopper with CHEESE!! SOO yummy!

I marinated some chicken in my own marinade recipe, with balsamic vinegar & soy sauce, & some garlic. turned out to be too salty. Next time, less soy, maybe something sweet.

Word of the day: “Chutney.”

I went to the Library and got a ton of non-fiction videos. they are just as entertaining as the fiction, if you are interested in the subject matter. I ended up getting this documentary on America’s first Female Serial Killer (supposedly, I doubt it in fact), Aileen Wuornos. what a messed up life she had.

OK they found me, I must end my blog update here. We’re down to FOUR DIAPERS, and that leaves about a 6-8 hour window.