Baby News & Other unimportant news… 3 weeks old!

Mia’s 3 weeks old today, and is up to 8 lb. 2 oz! That means she’s gaining weight at a healthy pace using only breast milk! Yaay!

about 60 new pics added to the PHOTO ALBUM including the CUTEST ONES YET! If you like babies, you’re gonna LOVE these!! CLICK HERE for the Baby Photo Gallery!

For some reason, voting was working for a while- the highest voted pics were supposed to show up first in the list. But something broke when the seventh person voted… now, the #1 pic shows up way near the MIDDLE! GRR… I grow more dissatisfied with this gallery system all the time. I oughta just start using Google. Anyway I’m going to fix the gallery so that MY favorite pics show up first… but keep voting anyway! it’s just a click.

Finally went back into work today. It was nice to get back into the office. I’d only had about 4 hrs sleep, but hey! I’m used to being sleep deprived at this point so it was no big deal. =)

I’ve been reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel“, and I give it * * * * * Five stars!! Even though I’m not done with it yet, I must honestly say it’s a GREAT read, if you’re into the Fantasy / Magic thing. Like Harry Potter but perhaps for a more mature audience.  It’s written in the Olde Englishe style; somewhat Dickens-ish).

I bowled tonight and nearly beat my high game of 167 but not quite… Tonight my high game was 161 with an average around 135.

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