Thursday Adventures

We got up and tried on a traditional hat.

Mommy and Daddy hopped on the bus with Bao Qi to go to the bookstore across town. We saw a girl sporting the latest fashion: Glasses *without* lenses. Next: Coats that don’t keep you warm, watches that don’t have a face, and Beer that doesn’t get you drunk. Oh, wait…. they already have that.

At the book store, mommy put her bag into a locker outside the store. This is pretty usual for “fancy” stores. This one dispensed a bar code receipt, and you showed your receipt to the scanner to re-open the locker.

Upon returning from the book store, the bus was extremely crowded. People were jamming into the exit-back door, and still jamming in more. The bus driver kept getting up to yell at people to move back. We were already in the back, as far back as we could possibly go. A certain Weird Al Yankovic song comes to mind….

That didn’t stop somebody from being all tuckered out:

On the way back home from the bus stop, we discovered a Popcorn vendor! This stuff was expensive: $0.80 for the whole bag!

MMmmmmmmm…. Chocolate!

In conclusion… the iphone served well as a point-and-shoot for the day. I think I’ll start carrying it around some more.

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