Before I went to bed, I watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In my dream, I was at some university. A large gathering of students was gearing up to have some sort of bicycle protest. But Picard and I had been detained by some individuals, and were being held down in some dirty basement room. Really, Picard was the one who was really being questioned; my affiliation was somewhat neutral. But he had a magical ring that turned him invisible. So, when they weren’t looking, he slipped it on. When the guards came back to interrogate him, they thought he’d escaped, and he invisibly went out the door. I seem to recall him giving me an anecdotal story, similar to the one he gave Worf in the episode I watched just before bed. We escaped, and as we went outside, the air was all abuzz– the students had begun their bicycle protest. They weren’t protesting bicycles; they were protesting some anti-bicycle thing, and were all riding bikes through the campus.

By tungsai

Super Magic Dragon Ninja

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