Life Update

Hongmei has officially moved to UIUC in Champaign/Urbana. We are renting a condo there. Mia’s going to a day care that is a five minute walk from the condo. All our stuff was moved last week, and her job paid for it.

Our house is in the process of being sold. Tentative closing date is a week from today, June 26. There is some argument about the hot water heater; whether it has a leak or not. (Their inspector says it does, our inspector says it doesn’t.) I cannot determine if it actually has a leak or not.

I am currently seeking positions at the university. I have had 2 sit-down interviews and a phone interview. I have already been dinged on a web programmer position. Probably wasn’t the best match for me right now. Keep your fingers crossed…

By tungsai

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