Server Updated

the server has been updated to the latest version as of today. Here are some pics of Macleod and I farming some obsidian.

Minecraft–Skyscraper Open to the Public!

Well, I guess my big building is done enough to say it’s “Done”, though there is still a LOT I wanna do with it. Here’s some screenshots. From the Observation Tower Looking up from the center… The View from the Tower    

Minecraft Report–Skycraper

So the skyscraper isn’t done yet but here’s what I got done last night. (Click to Enlarge) I’ve decided to use redstone torches on the upper tapering part (I really need to learn more architecture terms)! I’d also like to add: – floors that people can mod to their heart’s content (Might be a good… Continue reading Minecraft Report–Skycraper


Where do I start? At the beginning, I suppose. So, I had heard about this game from a couple of co-workers, one of which has a foot in the gaming industry (Computer games, that is). Also, curiously, from a friend of mine’s thirteen-year old son. Minecraft. Apparently, it was so enthralling that I was recommended… Continue reading Minecraft

How to import an Excel Spreadsheet into a Sharepoint 2010 List

Older how-to’s were inadequate. Microsoft made me watch a 25 minute video. I have boiled it down to these basic steps. First, examine the spreadsheet itself. Ensure the following: – The first row consists of headers (labels) for each column. -No blank rows or columns exist. -Ensure that each column of data is the same… Continue reading How to import an Excel Spreadsheet into a Sharepoint 2010 List


eating my last breakfast for this tip. 3 weeks go by in a flash! didn’t get very good sleep last night as usual before a big flight. packing till 1am, mia waking crying as usual. stressed about not being able to pack everything as usual. but i’ve got my fried instant-heart-attack yummy fried elephant ear/egg… Continue reading Leaving…


We went to visit Hongmei’s friend Zheng Qi, and her son Wang Chuan Yi. We had fun playing! For dinner we had Mongolian Lamb Meatballs, so yummy!! Mushrooms, Chinese-style tofu tortilla with pork & eggplant; little stir-fried fish, and corn with sweet syrup.


Videos have been published to an FTP site. If you are interested, E-mail me.

Day 6

Day 6. It’s been impossible to keep up with the blog. Pretty much the past few days have been jam-packed with activity, and little time to sit down to devote to writing. Right now, though, Mia’s getting ready to take a nap, so there’s nothing to do except hang around the apartment. Going back and… Continue reading Day 6