Distemper Rocked!

This weekend we not only had an awesome practice with our new bassist Matt Riehle, but we got a limo ride into town and a free dinner (Well, on Mark & Autumn!!) at the Lafayette Brewing Company!

Unfortunately we all got sorta wasted, and practice went kinda downhill as time went on! Aargh! But we had a lot of fun! Our #1 fan, Billy, suggested a microphone get put in front of me. I liked the idea immensely, but drumming & singing simultaneously does take a bit more skill.

I have not uploaded new mp3’s yet, but you can always hear them at www.distempermusic.com/mp3s/. I personally would love it if we could get enough practice so that by October or so, we could actually be tight enough for others to enjoy.

The following morning, we headed to the Attica Country Club for breakfast… MAN! SO MUCH BACON!! I have never seen so much bacon- and it was actually GOOD. I had to limit myself cause I know bacon’s not the best thing for ya. 🙂

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