Hello 2007

I have no career path nor have I ever mapped out how I think the future should be. This is something that people should do, so I think I should do it.

My friend Bart is crazy about buying silver. I mean, actual bars of silver that get shipped to your house, as an investment. he gave me a 30 minute rundown of why he thinks this is a good idea, and perhaps if I had more time I’d lay it out for you.

For christmas I got BBM one of THESE! <--click She got me a bowling bag and bowling stuff, so nice! Moondog even gave us gifts: I got 2 Matisyahu CDs. We played 2 D&D sessions with Germ as the GM. it was so much fun, I really miss roleplaying with friends. I hope Bart starts up his Cthulhu campaign again someday. We had lunch with my grandma and my aunt & uncle at Cracker Barrel. I've decided that Bob Evans is better. I have a new favorite band called Spare Parts. look them up. We saw 2 fights at Nick's. the bouncers were involved. very unprofessional, a huge pile of people one of which was the bouncer! when the bouncer has to be peeled out of the fleshpile, and wants to continue thwacking somebody, that's just unprofessional. but what do you expect from west lafayette, indiana.

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