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Well, we signed a lease on a condo in Urbana / Champaign. May 20 is the magic start day of the lease; though her job doesn’t start till June 16. I suppose we may have jumped the gun, but honestly every other place we were looking at was just not nearly as good as this one. We didn’t look at a whole lot; maybe 5 or 6.

The landlord is a nice Korean lady I met with, who actually owns the condo. She also is co-owner of “Am-Ko” grocery, a Korean grocery store there in Champaign. We went to her store to make copies of the lease & stuff, and she gave us a free snack & pear juice. and some chopsticks we need for home and were gonna buy. =)

It’s 1400 square feet, and has a one car garage. the whole thing is up on the 2nd floor(Except for the garage & entryway, of course), but since UIUC is paying our moving costs, doesn’t matter!

Oh, and it’s literally FIVE MINUTE WALK to our future Day Care provider!! That’s gotta be worth something, eh?

1. Not our building exactly, imagine this building but without the landscaping, and we enter the door on the right.


Another semi-accurate picture; this shows the back of a similar building, and the pool which we have access to; but our building faces a parking lot with another building across from it; and our balcony looks at a four lane road. whooo!



This is the “Half Bedroom”, it has a sloped ceiling, kinda low, but with a skylight. Good for a computer room or office type place!


The Kitchen. Notice there are NO KNOBS on the cabinets… some new style by which to confound me? I may just install them anyway…. and there’s no pantry either, so I may just go up to Grandpa’s & build a big ol’ pantry with him! It’s only big enough for a little breakfast nook type area.


The main living room. This is what you see looking out from the kitchen sink. The fireplace is JUST like the fireplace in my current house; wood-burning. As earlier stated the balcony looks down on the nearby road. The space to the left there is sort of an alcove for like a computer desk / tv / whatever.


Second bedroom. Not much to say here. it’s a room with a closet and a window. woot!


Guest Bathroom. woot.


Master bedroom. double-sized closet, big window!


Master bathroom. Notice the strange alcove in the corner; a deep space next to the sink. Not sure what that’s gonna be for, but Derezz says, “FOR JUNK!” I hope she’s not right… but she probably is! Either that or a giant sized stuffed clown. Or maybe a server rack. all that shower humidity would be great for a computer!

Honestly I’m thinking, some zen-like plant area with natural lighting, a miniature waterfall, some bonsai, etc.

Or junk.


So, where is this place? Well, I forgot the exact address; but here’s a Google Map of the location:


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