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OK, everybody keeps asking me so I’m putting it on my blog the news of my job.

Today I spoke with the guy who will be my boss at UIUC. They are FedExing an offer letter to me today, It should arrive tomorrow. The job is for a Windows Active Directory Administrator position with CITES, the campus IT group at UIUC.

So, I’m looking at probably my last day at Purdue being August 9th.

Mia is enrolled in day care at Next Generation Day Care in Champaign. Hongmei has been working at UIUC for about a month now. While I am still employed at Purdue, I am staying at a friend’s house up in Brookston, IN. I sleep there during the week, then drive to Champaign to see Mia & Hongmei on the weekends, when some other social obligation does not intervene. So far, social obligations have intervened in the past three weekends, and this week I am in my friend’s wedding. Thus, I have to drive to Champaign Friday night, up to Cedar Lake Saturday morning, from there to Valparaiso in the evening for the wedding, and then perhaps driving back to Champaign after the wedding.

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