Life Happens

Mia giggled the most she’s ever laughed! I was playing kiss her, then spit as though she tasted bad, like, “Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!” and she was just giggling at that! It was so nice.

broke a light bulb in the garage.

a stupid beggar / grifter tried to get money from me Sunday as I was trying to go to the library, which wasn’t open yet. My car windows were down and I was approaching slowly, a perfect approach for him.. .and he gave me the fast-talking befuddling BS about, “I’m trying to get to I-74, and somebody told me to turn on this road and this road and this road…” and pulls out a card with notes written on it, and shows it to me, and I stare at it, and while I’m staring at it, and under the befuddle spell, he continues jabbering about how he has a family and he’s trying to find this church in Danville, and then I realize it’s a grift and i’m wasting my time, the library’s closed, and maybe he has a partner sneaking up on my car, and… so I say “i don’t have time for this…” or something, and drive away. as I drive away he’s just like, “Man, I just need a few bucks….” Riiiight. then I got curious and watched him approach another intersection then just left.

tried to get freaking wireless to work at starbucks for 45 min and it wouldn’t work… freaking ridiculous hoops you have to jump through to get a freaking wireless account for their stupid wireless. by then, the library was open so I went back.

applied for 3 or 4 more jobs this weekend.

I bought some beer which has 10.5% alcohol.

I’m staying at my friend’s mom’s house up in Brookston, IN, while still looking for a job in Champaign. Her mom recently passed away so the house is empty.

I reinstalled XP to my laptop that had Ubuntu on it. The reason was that I could not troubleshoot my wireless issues. I backed up my data before doing it.

I have a lava lamp.

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