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October 20th, 2009 by tungsai

Mia got sick lately.

We’re going to the McGregor’s Halloween extravaganza, where distemper will once again rock.

My friend Jody is gonna move to maryland.

Max’s birthday was yesterday. need to call him.

It was great to see everybody that was at fauxtoberfest, and meet the banjo guy. The irish chicks were pretty lame, though.

started watching sharpe’s rifles. good show.

We’re going to China in february. assuming we get the visas in order up in chicago beforehand. Mia’s passport has been ordered and should be on the way in a few weeks.

I wanna build a dresser made out of wood, with my grandpa. why is fall season so damn busy all the time? My google to do list is never getting done. I am supposed to be investigating an ESA for Mia.

I also started reading some Terry Pratchet , as recommended by some guys down the hall. it’s good stuff. I recommend it.

Trying to recover from a recent starcraft binge.

I hate designing web sites with visual studio and asp. HATE. H A T E.

People who do not get vaccinated (in general) are stupid. If you are my friend or family member and you’re reading this, and are offended, then let me know! Why not get vaccinated?

Comedy of Errors

October 6th, 2009 by tungsai

1. Wife forgets car key. Has to take mine, to drive the car to the parking lot, which is near her office, after dropping me off at my office.

2. At 5:02 pm, I call wife to see if she’s coming to pick me up, or if I need to walk to car. She tells me that she’s running an experiment, and I need to either take the bus immediately or go walk to the parking lot and get the car to pick up the kid. The kid must be picked up by 5:45 pm. I opt to walk to the car.

3. Upon arriving at the car, I realize that I do not have my car key. Also, Cell Phone battery has died because I forgot to charge phone last night. I walk to wife’s office to get my key.

4. Wife’s office door is closed and locked. I walk back to the car.

5. The car is gone. It is now 5:30. I walk back to my office.

6. I plug in my phone and call wife, who decided NOT to do her experiment, and go pick up the kid. “What’s wrong with your phone?” she asks. I stew in frustration, trying not to blame anybody.

7. Wife offers to pick me up. I accept the offer. I log into blog and post this message.