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July 28th, 2009 by tungsai

Hey fans, have not posted a blog post in about 1000 years. that is because of Facebook. everybody is on there… well ALMOST everybody… so it’s easier to keep in touch that way. So this is getting neglected. And forget about snail mail: I don’t think I’ve written an actual letter in about 15 years.


We went out to Vegas for my friend Jody’s wedding to a guy named Mark. He’s a great guy. We had a wonderful time in Vegas. We stayed in the Monte Carlo Casino & Resort, and we stayed for 3 nights. it only cost us about $85 dollars to stay sunday through wednesday. we flew southwest out of Indy. Indy has a completely new airport now. You have to do gown I-70 west about a mile to get there now.

Mia was great on the plane. she only fussed about the minimum you might expect a kid to fuss; just when she got bored & tired. When we got there, we met the gang for a dinner at Diablo’s bar in the Monte Carlo. I ended up trying to talk too loud, and then after getting drunk and hitting the strip with the gang, my voice was totally ruined the next day. Unfortunately it ended up escalating into a full congestion type thing where my throat is still a bit sore. In fact, the whole trip wore me out so much that it made me have a “moment of clarity” regarding my health. I am really out of shape. Will this be the big bad thing that motivates me to get my body back into a reasonable facsimile of health? We’ll see. I did go running a couple days ago and it was a good run, but since I haven’t ran in so long, the legs are super sore and I have to wait a bit before going again.

So back to vegas. The next day was the weddin’. we got up very late, ate, and went to the Leddy Suite. there we all hopped on a shuttle that drove us to the small chapel where the ceremony was. The bus had a problem in which the AC above the back row of seats dripped water on the seats. and I don’t mean just a drip now and then. When the bus driver, after sitting for about 30 min in the parking lot, took off, probably about a half a quart of water spilled all over the back seats. Mia said, “Waboo!” (That means “Water” to those of you that don’t speak Mia.)

Mia enjoys a nice swimSpeaking of Waboo, so the biggest highlight I guess was taking Mia SWIMMING! she loved it!! she thought it was so fun to be pulled through the water ! 

Hongmei got a chance to play slots, but I didn’t. She lost $2.60!!! We ate some good food, and bad food. The idea that food is cheap in Vegas is NO LONGER TRUE. FOOD IS NOT CHEAP IN VEGAS.

I did collect a menagerie of “Call Girl” cards that people hand you on the street. These are the small business cards advertising the practitioners of Mankind’s Oldest Profession. As far as the pr0n goes, they’re pretty boring; but as a social thing, somewhat interesting I suppose. Sorry, no scans of those. Go find your own.

We also visited an aquarium and got some interesting pics.

IMG_0135 IMG_0145 IMG_0155 IMG_0128 IMG_0110