February 4th, 2009 by tungsai

tired but not tired. work has cranked up this week; I hit my 6-month mark and my boss is turning up the heat!

Mia grows more every day and is more mobile and grabby. wants to grab stuff. recently started trying to teach her to get down off the bed without cracking her head open.

My grandmother, Helen Borg, passed away last week. We will all miss her greatly. She was a very nice woman. My grandpa is still alive. He misses her a lot. It was very sad.

But the day after her funeral, we had a 1st birthday party for Mia. I’m sure Grandma checked in from above. 🙂 Thanks to my friends who came. THe pics will be put up soon. I have a video too.

I did end up giving Brian a box of “Junk” for a housewarming gift. hahaha! some of it really is good stuff though.

I did build the HTPC but it was not exactly the system priced out previously in my blog post. it’s been up & running for quite a while now and it runs GTA IV quite well! No time to play though!

The day is too short; can’t get anything done anymore. Mia takes all effort to watch. I cannot sit at the cmputer for 5 minutes even. My “alone time” is going to the bathroom where I can sit & read by myself for 5-10 minutes.

Talked to my old friend Kelly for a while tonight. Yaay, she’s pregnant! I tried to get her to get into facebook.

I’m reading “Mistborn”. as recommended by moondog & wife. seems pretty good so far. Hard not to speed through it.

but I also have been upping my reading of the MCSE (Now known as MCITP) exam study guides for />>icrosoft certification.

We tried an ALL CASH budget system this month for food & dining out. we’re already down to our last $100 and it’s still 2 weeks left in the pay period. oh well.

time to go read mistborn & go to sleep.

Brain Dump

February 4th, 2009 by tungsai

*** From a month ago ***

Mia’s sleeping. I didn’t change her clothes before putting her to bed; apparently this is an issue. She’s in the other room, sleeping. I have the baby monitor right here by my side. Hongmei is nearly to Shanghai. The flight should arrive at approximately 1:15 am local time. Then she flies to her home city, Tianjin. I hope she calls when she lands; even if it’s 1:15. I miss her already. Mia didn’t seem to really notice that she was gone. However, when I was carrying Mia around, she saw a family portrait, and said, “Ba ba”. then reached for the photo. I think she recognized me in the picture actually, or maybe just saw grandma or mommy. either, way, she recognized a familiar face and said a noise that I believe she associates with us. Yaay!

I have tickets to a baskeball game on Sunday but I don’t know if I’ll go or not.

We got a new 8gb flash drive and I’m copying Miami Vice season 1 to it so I can watch on the laptop in the other room.

My uncle had a heart attack. He has to have bypass surgery.

My dad (stepdad not bio dad) just had knee replacement surgery. They got about 9 inches of snow up there.

I have been wanting to get ahold of my cousin Becky for some time but every time I finally have some time to make some phone calls, it’s late. like now.

I have so much junk that I probably should get rid of but some of it has value to me still. We had a garage sale and I managed to offload a ton of crap that had no value to me, so the overall value to stuff ratio is a bit denser.

I think I hear Mia….. ok she’s still sleeping.

I ate at Dunkin Donuts this morning on the way to work. I got very very angry when reading about how the auto industry wants a slice of the bailout pie. Fuck you, your cars suck. (Most of ’em, anyway). I blame the unions for the shittiness of american cars. At least, their high prices. You don’t get what you pay for.

I need to sell my crappy old guitar. ugh! effort! I hate putting the effort to sell shit.

I should bring boxes of junk to the Schmigiel’s housewarming party. Yessss…. I shall.

something just banged in the condo next door… or a kitchen cabinet was closed.

I must be really really bored to be writing this crap in my blog.

I still drink coffee in the mornings.

38 years old and I never got buff. or in shape. oh well. I guess I’m lucky to have a non-picky woman. I’m not terrible; just not… very in shape. need to work out more. How can I? No time.

I know Mel Gibson’s a freak, but I still love a lot of his movies.

I reinstalled phpBB to the tungsai forums. we’ll see if anybody cares.

I get so nostalgic whenever I watch Miami Vice….