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September 29th, 2009 by tungsai

Vivid Dream

September 18th, 2009 by tungsai

I was woken up by my daughter crying at 4:30 am a couple nights ago. I was in the middle of a vivid dream; so I decided to record it.

First, Moondog, his brother, and I were all walking east on a two-lane, hilly and wooded road. It was like a state road; well-paved and heavily trafficked by semi trucks. The trucks were coming dangerously close to the side of the road; and though we were on the north side of the road, one semi was in the north lane and nearly hit Moondog. It turns out that the truckers were frequently picking up hitchhikers and prostitutes in the area, and for some reason the thought occurred to take advantage of their risky attitudes. Thus was born the plan to hijack semis. We decided to lure the truckers to our isolated area, get them out of the truck, into this pole barn, and subdue them by throwing bricks at them. They would then be tied up, and put in a nearby wooded ravine, until the job was complete.
So, suddenly, I was at a place just a bit further down the road, that was presumably a semi-truck repair company. The weather was dark and overcast, and it was impossible to tell the time of day. I was with an older, related male, like an uncle, but not a person who actually exists, and I never actually saw his face. The area consisted of a wide, gravel driveway that came from the main road to the south, down about a 50-foot hill, and continued on to the north. Ravines were on both sides of the driveway, and two large pole-barn type structures were on both sides of the wide gravel area. The wide gravel road proceeded up to the north, and abandoned junk and piles of rubbish dotted that area.

Map of the truck repair facility

Map of the truck repair facility

Soon, our first victim arrived.

The truck driver got out of the semi and came into the dusty barn. I remember that his truck was red. He was tall, slim, and wearing a t-shirt that was tucked into his jeans. I do not remember his face, except that he was blond and had a mustache. There was no light in the barn except what came in through the sliding door, and some other opening behind me. I picked up a piece of a brick, and threw it at the driver. My older male relative, the mastermind of our plot, also began to hurl rocks or brick pieces at the driver. The trucker attempted to retaliate by picking up a whole, solid brick, but it was too heavy for him to throw with any effect. Soon, he was subdued.

Then my mind fast-forwards to the next scene. We had captured six semis, all of which were parked side-by-side nearby. The drivers had all been tied up and taken to the ravine just west of the complex and thrown down to the ground there. It was not far enough to kill them; we just wanted to keep them from coming back up at us. At the top of the ravine, we’d hired a Mexican thug to guard the truckers. He did not speak English. He wielded an assault rifle that looked like a stormtrooper gun from Star Wars. However, the thug did not speak English, and my companion had instructed him only to keep the truckers from coming back up the ravine; not to hold them there. Thus, they had all run away. I also noticed that there was a stone walkway that led up to the top of the ravine and the thug had not been guarding it, either! Clearly, our plot was foiled.

I made my way back to the main compound, and started to walk out. The truckers showed up with friends and some family members in all their personal vehicles. They had returned for vengeance! I ran toward their mob of cars & trucks, and jumped up over one of the pickup trucks and continued running. For some reason, none of them immediately pursued me. I surmised that they were after the ringleader, and the thug. I kept running, though, and found myself in a countryside farm area. It was now winter, and about a foot of snow was on the ground. I came upon a farmhouse, and a young child, a girl, was playing in the snow in the ditch across the street from her house. I jumped down into the ditch next to her and laid down. I supposed that if the truckers drove by, they would assume that I was somebody playing with the girl, and would not recognize me, because I was now dressed in winter garb. That is when I woke up to Mia’s cries.