Aspiration, a Poem

January 7th, 2009 by tungsai

I bought a book on procrastination

haven’t read it yet.

I think the home team’s gonna win

but I haven’t placed my bet.

I’m gonna be in a band someday,

just gotta practice more.

I’ll have a nice big dinner too,

as soon as I get to the store.

I’m gonna be a strapping hunk

just gotta lift those weights.

And also have a super job

the day I graduate.

The men will all be jealous

and the ladies will be swooning

when I bring my gorgeous wife

to the Portage High Reunion.

I’ll write a book and publish too,

when the time is found.

both the young and elderly

will laugh when I’m around.

I’ll have a modern sculpture

that’ll re-define the art

and if I ever want to star,

I’ll surely get the part.

Polite refusal, shall I use

to explain the consequent

when they’re always saying,

“You should run for president!”

I’ll have my pick of famous folks

for my association,

but only those of grace & poise

shall meet my stipulation.

I’ll have a house of futuristic

fantasy and form,

where windmills make the energy

and sunlight keeps you warm.

All of life’s amenities

shall be at my dispense,

and my vast and great estate

will be too big to fence.

My philosophies shall shake the mind

and put it all in place

I’ll be pronounced the coolest dude

among the human race.

I’ll teach the young, and in their souls

with wisdom I’ll bestow ’em

and sometime in this lonely night

I’ll finish up this poem.