The Roach Coach

August 27th, 2008 by tungsai

So, at Purdue, whenever it was morning-time, and the call of sustenance rang through my belly, the thing to do was to walk over to the Union and either go to Pappy’s for a down-home, eggs&sausage breakfast sandwich, or go the healthy route, and pay an exuberant, rip-off price for a bowl of cereal & fruit. But here at Illinois, we don’t have a tunnel system connecting our buildings. Nor is there an indoor cafeteria nearby… Well, the union is sort of nearby, I’d say the distance from STEW to the CL50 or MATH building.

But the glory of a free-market economy is that where there is demand, there shall be supply.

Enter: Derald’s Catering. A.K.A. the "Roach Coach".




Like a shiny beacon lighting the way for all who suffer the pangs of hunger within a three-to-five-block radius, Derald’s Catering offers everything for the fat lazy american connesieur: Breakfast Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Cajun Chicken sandwiches, chips, pop… You name it.

I even got their number, so in the winter months, I can call ahead, make my order, and pick it up without having to wait 5 minutes in a snowdrift while they cook my custom sandwich!


August 26th, 2008 by tungsai

Hi folks. Well, my first week at UIUC was a bit rocky, because I got sick! Yes, poor little Mia and I both seem to have some sort of bad cold. Actually it involved fever, too, and some other symptoms I’d rather not mention… but Mia did not suffer from that. THe doctor says she has an ear infection, and she had a fever for about 3 days. We’ve been force feeding her penicillin and she’s still congested even today.

As for me, I missed work Wednesday and Thursday, which caused some I-9 problems. apparently your I-9 has to be filled out within 2 or 3 days of starting a new job, and mine basically wasn’t. THerefore, I think they’re going to have to move my start date back, so that I may not get paid for the first couple of days. Oh well. I was in no condition to be at the office.

On Friday, I was indoctrinated into an informal ritual called “Going to Joe’s for Lunch on Friday”. apparently, some of the CITES staff there have a special connection with this bar called Joe’s, and get big discounts on beer & liquor; namely, beers are $2.00 no matter WHAT. That includes Bass, Guiness, etc., and all the other expensive imports. Well, I thought this sounded interesting, so I tagged along. I determined that it’s not very easy to get much work done when I’m two beers to the wind.

Now, things are rolling along great… I installed MS Windows Vista on my workstation because I’m going to be working with some Server ’08 stuff and I want the full tools for that, and they’re only available on Vista. There are other advantages I suppose… but I had to remove 2g of RAM because Vista was BLUE SCREENING when attempting to INSTALL!! AARGH. Great OS, Microsoft.