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July 31st, 2008 by tungsai

Chuck’s Rant; My Response

July 25th, 2008 by tungsai


Chuck writes,


I don’t donate blood. I figure if my highly coveted universal blood type O negative is worth so much that the fucking blood bank is always hittin’ me up for donations then my blood is..uhh..worth more than ..uhh..NOTHING y’know?  If there’s no blood and you need blood then WHY don’t they PAY for blood?

That mother fucking doctor is making money on the transfusion..C’MON! Why the hell would they not pay for blood? As a matter of fact, if they payed well for blood there would never be supply problems and lives would be saved.

But the stupid moronic altruistic philosophy that infects our society sets up a system where there is no reward for giving blood except for an ambiguous, fleeting and undeserved feeling of being superior to those who would consider such selfless behavior in the same manner as those who would ponder the inner workings of the suicidal mind.

Why would you refuse the money that is rightfully yours as determined by the mind of the rational man utilizing the concept of supply and demand? Enormous amounts of waste and death are the results of the refusal to recognize that “supply & demand”  is every bit as real and unyielding as Ohm’s Law, and the refusal to recognize its supremacy in all realms economic can only bring pain and suffering.

My Response:

Why can I not get high speed internet from any company except Comcast? Oh, wait, there’s DSL… which SUCKS.

How much money do those doctors make on the transfusion?

When’s the last time a labor union didn’t fall under the three categories of A) taking your money every month, yet providing no additional stability to the worker; B) taking your money
every month but imposing ridiculous levels of restriction and artificially inflated wages so that companies can barely make a profit; C) fail to protect workers who might truly benefit
from a worker’s advocacy (China)?

Why is Nostradamus still hailed as a “Prophet” on the History Channel, when clearly his so-called predictions were so amorphous that they could apply to any situation the observer
cared to associate it with?

How can parents’ custody of a child hang in the balance of baseless accusations of abuse and neglect, with a hair-trigger investigative government at the ready?

Why is creativity, free speech, and personal choice stifled in the name of morality?

Why does the media sell doom & gloom, reveling in times of a bear market and exaggerating the effects of sub-prime lending?

The answer to all of these questions can, perhaps, be examined from the perspective of supply and demand, and perhaps not only explained, but solved or at least mitigated.
Some more than others.

Job News

July 23rd, 2008 by tungsai

OK, everybody keeps asking me so I’m putting it on my blog the news of my job.

Today I spoke with the guy who will be my boss at UIUC. They are FedExing an offer letter to me today, It should arrive tomorrow. The job is for a Windows Active Directory Administrator position with CITES, the campus IT group at UIUC.

So, I’m looking at probably my last day at Purdue being August 9th.

Mia is enrolled in day care at Next Generation Day Care in Champaign. Hongmei has been working at UIUC for about a month now. While I am still employed at Purdue, I am staying at a friend’s house up in Brookston, IN. I sleep there during the week, then drive to Champaign to see Mia & Hongmei on the weekends, when some other social obligation does not intervene. So far, social obligations have intervened in the past three weekends, and this week I am in my friend’s wedding. Thus, I have to drive to Champaign Friday night, up to Cedar Lake Saturday morning, from there to Valparaiso in the evening for the wedding, and then perhaps driving back to Champaign after the wedding.

If it sounds too good to be true…

July 15th, 2008 by tungsai

Lately, I have been exposed to a certain so-called financial product which promises to help you pay off your mortgage years ahead of schedule, through some Automagic Secret Mathematical formula. It’s been called a “Money Merge Account” or an “Interest Cancellation Vehicle/Method/Technique”. It requires you to secure a line of credit such as a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or other type of secured credit line.

This particular product has been denounced wholeheartedly by Dave Ramsey (www.daveramsey.comblustar ).

Then, you PAY THEM $3,500 DOLLARS from this line of credit. What do you get for your $3,500? Well, this software that you track your bills/income/spending in, and then it uses the aforementioned Automagic Mathematical Calculation to determine at what specific time you should make extra payments to the principal to your primary mortgage. Sounding stupid so far? It gets even better(worse).

The people touting this product have many methods of doing so. First, is the use of metaphor and analogy. Second, obfuscation (“To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand”). Thirdly, asking rhetorical questions which are only distantly analogous to their product, but hypnotize or condition you into a mind-set of comfort/acceptance.

Others have posted articles about this thing on their blogs (View this HUGE huge 475+ comment conversationblustar ), so I won’t waste any more time duplicating efforts. I’m just going to say…

“Money Market Accounts” ($3,500 Software) = Bad. Lame. Do Not Want. Stay very far away.

Life Happens

July 9th, 2008 by tungsai

Mia giggled the most she’s ever laughed! I was playing kiss her, then spit as though she tasted bad, like, “Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!” and she was just giggling at that! It was so nice.

broke a light bulb in the garage.

a stupid beggar / grifter tried to get money from me Sunday as I was trying to go to the library, which wasn’t open yet. My car windows were down and I was approaching slowly, a perfect approach for him.. .and he gave me the fast-talking befuddling BS about, “I’m trying to get to I-74, and somebody told me to turn on this road and this road and this road…” and pulls out a card with notes written on it, and shows it to me, and I stare at it, and while I’m staring at it, and under the befuddle spell, he continues jabbering about how he has a family and he’s trying to find this church in Danville, and then I realize it’s a grift and i’m wasting my time, the library’s closed, and maybe he has a partner sneaking up on my car, and… so I say “i don’t have time for this…” or something, and drive away. as I drive away he’s just like, “Man, I just need a few bucks….” Riiiight. then I got curious and watched him approach another intersection then just left.

tried to get freaking wireless to work at starbucks for 45 min and it wouldn’t work… freaking ridiculous hoops you have to jump through to get a freaking wireless account for their stupid wireless. by then, the library was open so I went back.

applied for 3 or 4 more jobs this weekend.

I bought some beer which has 10.5% alcohol.

I’m staying at my friend’s mom’s house up in Brookston, IN, while still looking for a job in Champaign. Her mom recently passed away so the house is empty.

I reinstalled XP to my laptop that had Ubuntu on it. The reason was that I could not troubleshoot my wireless issues. I backed up my data before doing it.

I have a lava lamp.

100 things challenge

July 9th, 2008 by tungsai

this one guy named Dave put forth a challenge to himself: To only live with 100 material objects for a year. The point is that we have too much stuff.

I learned that we have more stuff than I need. I can’t whittle it down to 100 things, but I wonder: If I were to catalog everything I owned, how long would the list be? How many “Things” do I own? How much money could I get if I sold everything?

Hmm. Perhaps I will do a “Count my things” challenge.


July 1st, 2008 by tungsai

Before I went to bed, I watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In my dream, I was at some university. A large gathering of students was gearing up to have some sort of bicycle protest. But Picard and I had been detained by some individuals, and were being held down in some dirty basement room. Really, Picard was the one who was really being questioned; my affiliation was somewhat neutral. But he had a magical ring that turned him invisible. So, when they weren’t looking, he slipped it on. When the guards came back to interrogate him, they thought he’d escaped, and he invisibly went out the door. I seem to recall him giving me an anecdotal story, similar to the one he gave Worf in the episode I watched just before bed. We escaped, and as we went outside, the air was all abuzz– the students had begun their bicycle protest. They weren’t protesting bicycles; they were protesting some anti-bicycle thing, and were all riding bikes through the campus.