Should you get Microsoft Windows Vista?

March 21st, 2007 by tungsai


Lame entry

March 21st, 2007 by tungsai

OK, I guess that was sort of a lame entry. So, I’ll try to do a better one.

  • I played drums for 2 songs during the Chinese New Year festival show. On the first one, as we were setting up the chairs, drum kit, etc., just before the curtain was about to go up, I realized that I had left my drumsticks in my downstairs office. I had to run off the stage, down a staircase, a couple hallways & doors, unlock my office, grab my drumsticks, and run back all the way up the stairs back onstage. Then, we weren’t even done setting up the drums; I had to finish arranging them. But they had already raised the curtain. Whew! Then my mind blanked on the song! I couldn’t remember how it started, and the other people in the band were waiting for me to start. What song? The Super mario Bros. theme music! EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT SONG!! but my mind just- went- blank. Until I calmed down, then finally… whew.. hit the sticks.
         There’s a video; but it’s too big to post online, and I haven’t gotten around to shrinking it to a reasonable size because I don’t care; and you probably don’t either.
  • I saw the Reverend Horton Heat last Friday. I saw that movie 300 the week before. I am playing drums with Distemper for band practice on this Friday. I bought some crap for my drums. I want a new cheap digital camera. Cingular sucks, Consumer Reports says that Verizon has the highest customer satisfaction. is a cool web site.

John got a haircut

March 21st, 2007 by tungsai

…At least, he SAID he was cutting out early to get a haircut. I cannot either confirm or disconfirm that indeed he did get a haircut.